In-game Information

Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre ruins

A very rare find indeed, the Visitor Centre can sometimes be found in Savanna and Jungle biomes. With well over a dozen rooms and many, many secrets, it is the largest and most detailed Structure in Jurassicraft.

As one might expect, it is full of all kinds of loot, including (but not limited to) building materials, Lab Equipment, All Sorts Of Trinkets, and of course Journal Entries.

A map to the nearest Visitor Center can be obtained through trading with a Cartographer

JP Information

The main hub of activity at Site A, the quintessential "heart" of Jurassic Park, the Visitor Centre was intended to serve as an enormous showroom, where visitors to the park would begin their adventure upon arrival. Complete with a functioning restaurant, a gift shop, a genetics lab and even a small cinema, this place was designed to captivate the public, preparing them for the grand tour of John Hammond's vision.

However, after the shutdown of the park following the disastrous 1993 incident, the Visitor Centre was hastily abandoned along with the park, and left to rot in silence...

Who knows what secrets may be hidden in these dangerous, festering ruins?

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