To tame an animal you must place the hatched egg of said animal on the ground and a baby dinosaur/creature. Shift-right clicking with the hatched egg on the ground will result in the animal placed on the ground to not be tamed (Note: if it is a non-imprintable creature, don't bother shift-right clicking).

Imprintable creatures

Dilophosaurus (Defends you / attacks on command)

Gallimimus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Parasaurolophus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Triceratops (Defends you / attacks on command)

Velociraptor (Defends you / attacks on command)

Microraptor (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Mussaurus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Procompsognathus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Non-imprintable creatures

Brachiosaurus (due to lack of parental care and bonding with offspring)

Tyrannosaurus (due to short temper and aggressive lifestyle)

Coelacanth (due to low intelligence)

Spinosaurus (due to short temper and aggressive lifestyle)

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