to tame a creature you must hand feed it food but in 2.0.0 you need to stand next to the incubator while it hatches.

Imprintable Creatures

Dilophosaurus (Defends you / attacks on command)

Gallimimus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Parasaurolophus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Triceratops (Defends you / attacks on command)

Velociraptor (Defends you / attacks on command)

Microraptor (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Mussaurus (Doesn't defend you or attack)

Non-imprintable creatures

Brachiosaurus (due to lack of parental care and bonding with offspring)

Tyrannosaurus (due to short temper and aggressive lifestyle)

Coelacanth (due to low intelligence)

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