Taming Edit

To tame a dinosaur you need to incubate the egg to create an "hatched egg." The baby dino will be tame when you use it on the ground to spawn it (depending on the species). Edit

Imprintable/Tameable Creatures Edit

Dilophosaurus (Defends you / attacks on command) Edit

Gallimimus (Doesn't defend you or attack) Edit

Parasaurolophus (Doesn't defend you or attack) Edit

Triceratops (Doesn't defend you or attack) Edit

Velociraptor (Defends you / attacks on command) If attacked it will no longer protect you and kill the rest o.f the pack Edit

Microraptor  (does not defend or attack ) Edit

Mussaurus (Doesn't defend you or attack but can ride with a whip and a Scarab Gem, But you need to get its health down to 8 or lower to knock it down, then right-click on it and then right-click it again but with whip) Edit

Non-printable/Untameable creatures Edit

Brachiosaurus (due to lack of parental care and bonding with offspring) Edit

Coelacanth (due to low intelligence ) TYRANNOSAURUS Edit

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