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Raptor paddock spooky

Raptor Paddock ruins, at night

Originally built by InGen in the late 80s or early 90s, this structure was originally intended to be a sort of hatchery or nursery pen. In the summer of 1993, CEO John Hammond (in)famously decided that one of these mini-enclosures should be used to more easily showcase one of the deadliest dinosaur species in Jurassic Park, the Velociraptor.

However, living in these cramped conditions, and seeing people frequently lower feeder cattle into their enclosure, caused the raptors to not only become mentally unstable, but also to associate humans with food. 

Raptor paddock

Raptor paddock ruins, during the day

When the power went out in the park, the raptors broke out and went on a rampage, killing several people.

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In Jurassicraft, the "Raptor Paddock" is an abandoned, vine-infested structure that can rarely be found in Savanna or Jungle biomes.

It is constructed mostly of stone brick, iron bars, stone slabs and Reinforced Stone, as well as a ring of electric fence. The two most distinctive features of the paddock are the densely vegetated pit surrounded by fence, and the small guard tower monitoring it.

Inside the tower is a small chest containing whatever supplies were left when the old park was abandoned.

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