Block electric fence by jurassicraftmod-dajgpjn

Low Security Fence

Your dinosaurs will need space, so place them in big enough enclosures, depending on the size and number of the animals you have.

If building a multi-species enclosure, make sure the dinosaurs in the enclosure are species that can get along with each other. Some dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus won't accept any other dinosaurs on their territory (especially not their own species), so make sure to keep them alone. Some animals (like Gallimimus) are social and prefer to live in herds, although they don't mind other species. That being said, some social animals (like Velociraptor) are too dangerous to be kept with other species besides their own.

All animals need water in order to survive, so make sure each enclosure has a pond or other water source. The animals will also need food. In addition to Feeders, you can also use live prey in the case of carnivores, or Bales and non-toxic flora in the case of herbivores.

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