Phoenix sp. Edit

Phoenix forest

A forest of Phoenix palms.

In-Game Information Edit

Height: About 10-20 blocks Edit

Found at: ? blocks deep Edit

Resource(s): Edit

  • Wood
  • Leaves
  • Food
  • Saplings

Edibility of leaves and fruit: Edit

Edible to herbivores Edit

More information: Edit

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Phoenix is Jurassicraft's first fruit tree. Instead of dropping only saplings, the leaves have a roughly 30% chance of dropping Phoenix fruit when broken. Edit

Phoenix fruit has roughly the same food value as an apple (4 hunger points, or 2 drumsticks). Once eaten, there is a 50% chance of Phoenix seeds being obtained, as long as you have at least one empty slot in your inventory. Plant these seeds on grass or any other dirt variant to create a Phoenix sapling. Edit

If you're not hungry, Phoenix fruit can also be crafted directly into seeds. Edit

Real Life Information: Edit

Phoenix is a genus of palm tree that is still around today, the most famous of which is of course the date palm (P. dactylifera). This diverse genus is found in many different tropical, arid and subtropical habitats, including rainforests, swamps, deserts, and coastal mangrove swamps. Fossils of Phoenix-like palms found in India suggest that these plants date back to at least the end of the Late Cretaceous. P.dactylifera has been introduced to several regions in the Old World and the Americas, making it the most well known species in the entire genus. Edit

In more recent history, the fruits of these palms have also been used as food - by both humans and livestock - for thousands of years. Edit

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