Natural Peat

Naturally occurring Peat in a Swampland biome

JC screenshot - Peat with moss

Moss growing on peat

In Swampland biomes specifically, you will find pockets or layers of Peat blocks among the Dirt, typically located just beneath the grass layer. Peat is used to farm Moss. You can mine the Peat with any tool, although it is fastest with a Shovel.

Once you have a decent amount of Peat, be careful where and how you place it! If you’re in a Swampland biome, you can place it anywhere you want without consequences. However, in any other biome it’ll soon dry out and turn into Dirt unless you keep it moist.

Luckily, Peat obeys the same rules as Farmland, meaning that any Peat blocks within 4 blocks of water stay irrigated regardless of the biome they are in. Unlike Farmland however, Peat blocks won’t be damaged if you jump on them.

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