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The Mussaurus is one of the smaller herbivorous species found in JurassiCraft. Mostly quadrupedal with enough strength to lift themselves up bipedally every now and then, Mussaurus are social herd animals. They will wander around the world, stopping to rear up on their hind legs and look to their sides, or scratch the ground while wagging their tails. They will also occasionally flock in groups of 2-20, moving surprisingly fast while doing so too. When hungry, Mussaurus will eat any growing vegetation (they are particularly fond of the prehistoric plant, Dicroidium zuberi) and can also eat from feeders. When thirsty, Mussaurus can drink water from nearby sources and from the rain. Mussaurus are usually passive and will flee once one has been damaged, but if their young are threatened, watch out for those sharp claws! With around 15 HP of health and dealing around 2 HP of damage every attack, without counting the rest of the herd helping out, Mussaurus can't be taken lightly either! Male and female Mussaurus will breed every now and then, laying 2-8 eggs. Mussaurus, being highly social, are imprintable (see: Taming), but don't expect a tamed individual to attack or come defend you. Edit

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Native to what is now southern Argentina, Mussaurus was a small sauropodomorph dinosaur that was around during the Late Triassic (about 215 - 203 million years ago). Edit

For a long time, it was known only from tiny juvenile specimens, and its name (meaning "mouse lizard") is a reference to this. However, material from adult specimens has since been found, suggesting that it measured about 3 metres long and 70 kg or so in weight when fully grown. The body proportions of the babies hint that their parents may have cared for them. Edit

Like other sauropodomorphs, Mussaurus was a herbivore. Edit

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In general, the herbivorous Mussaurus is an easy dinosaur to take care of. While it does require a decent amount of ferns and other plant matter (they are particularly fond of Dicroidium zuberi), it is a generally mild-mannered creature that lives in small herds or large family groups of up to about 20 individuals. An ideal enclosure for these animals should consist of a relatively open area with lush vegetation, and some tree cover for shelter. Edit

However, don't get careless around them, as they are somewhat unpredictable when threatened. Usually they will try to run, but if cornered, they will not hesitate to use their sharp hand claws in self defence. While they are scared of most carnivorous theropods, they are particularly afraid of herrerasaurid theropods (such as Herrerasaurus), which the Jurassic Park staff suspect may have been their natural predators. Edit

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