Herding is an ancient technique used by creatures from 65 million years and beyond, and it is still here today in fact it used by the largest and smallest creatures alive. This also applies to pack hunters

The herding dinosaurs in this mod are Gallimimus, Brachiosaurus, and Parasaurolophus, Triceratops.

The pack hunters are Velociraptors, and Dilophosaurus

Tyrannosaurus is Territorial and will only share it's territory with another member of it's species of the opposite sex, other than that, it will kill everything else.

If you use your InGen Field Guide on a dinosaur and it is flocking, will be shown on the Icons on the first page near the bottom left

Velociraptors are picky about how many members they have if they have more than eight they will attack and kill the newest members so start with 3 'raptors

All herbivores are "herding" Dinosaurs, they contain up to 5-50 back in the Mesozoic Era but cloning that many may be resourcefully and populationally unhealthy so if your starting out i recommend 3 or 4 Para's or Trike's in a good medium sized enclosure. If you have Gallimimus you must have fences that are atleast 3 blocks high because they can jump 2 blocks high, and be careful about mountains if you're building on a mountainous area. for Brachiosaurus put them in a pen with spotted forests surrounded by open plains, on the outer trees of the spotted forests, suggest putting feeders on the sides for the Brachiosaurus herd to eat {they will also eat tree leaves}.

{Note: in populationally I mean the amount of animals, I've tried looking it up but it came up with scientist written results}.


A small herd of Parasaurolophus.