Heliconia sp. (Upcoming, arrives in update 2.1.0) Edit

  • Height: 2 blocks

    The upcoming Heliconia plant in-game.

  • Spreads near water
  • Time: Present
  • Native biome(s): Jungle
  • Edibility:
    • Edible to herbivores

Also known as the lobster-claw, wild plantain or false bird-of-paradise, Heliconia is a modern genus of tropical flowering plant. Most species can be found in the tropical Americas, though some species also occur on islands in the western Pacific.

These plants range from half a metre to 4.5 metres tall, and have long, simple leaves. Some species of bat, such as the Honduran white bat, use these leaves like tents to roost in. Various insects (particularly beetles) feed on the inner surfaces of the leaves, and some species of mosquito have also been known to lay their eggs in the water-filled floral bracts of these plants.

Heliconia is famous for its large, colourful inflorescences (flower-bearing structures), which are typically pollinated by hummingbirds (though sometimes by macroglosine bats). These make Heliconia a popular choice in ornamental gardens.

In Jurassicraft, Heliconia is a common sight in Jungle biomes. However, unlike its poisonous neighbour the West Indian Lilac, this plant is safe and edible to herbivorous dinosaurs.

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