Gracilaria sp.

  • Height: 1 block
  • Fully aquatic
  • Spreads over time, faster at light level 5-11
  • Time: Modern
  • Native biome(s): Ocean, Beach
    • Can also be obtained by fishing
JC screenshot - Gracilaria

Naturally occurring Gracilaria on the ocean floor

Gracilaria is a modern genus of red algae. This aquatic marine alga is commercially farmed, both for food, and as a source of Agar jelly (such as the type used in biological sciences).

In order to make Agar, you will first need to find some Gracilaria seaweed. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do. It can either be found growing underwater in Ocean biomes, or much more rarely, it can be obtained as a random catch with a fishing rod.

Gracilaria seaweed can be planted on Sand, Gravel, Clay (soft), or any dirt variant. It will spread over time, and it spreads most rapidly from light level 5 to light level 11. This means that if you have a big enough pool or bay handy with adequate lighting, you can easily farm it.

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