Arriving in update 2.1.0, Fun Fries are a herb-flavoured potato-based snack or side-dish ideal for a park setting.

Oiled Potato Strips recipe

Oiled potato strips crafting recipe

First, you'll need to craft Oiled Potato Strips. There are two ways of doing this:

1 bottle of Ajuginucula smithii oil and 4 Wild Potatoes, resulting in one portion of strips, or 1 bottle of Ajuginucula smithii oil and 2 ordinary Potatoes, resulting in four portions of strips.

Next, cook your oiled potato strips in a furnace, to get Fun Fries. Each portion has roughly the same food value as an Apple in vanilla Minecraft.

Trivia Edit

  • Fun Fries are a side dish you can sell at the kiosks in the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.
  • Fun Fries cooking

    Cooking the oiled potato strips into Fun Fries

    The idea of the massive difference between using wild potatoes and using modern potatoes is to highlight just how dramatically selective farming over thousands of years can change a species.
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