Basic Fossil Ore is arguably the signature ore of the JurassiCraft mod. There are two types of Fossil Ores: Dinosaur Fossil Ores and Plant Fossil Ores.

In order to mine them, you must first obtain some Plaster and Bandage, and right-click on the fossil block with this item. Once you have done so, you can safely mine it with an Iron Pickaxe or better. After you receive encased fossils you have to use the cleaner to wash the encased fossils.

 This type of fossil is used to obtain the DNA of ancient species, both plant and animal (see Extracting DNA).

Dinosaur Fossil Ores

When it comes to Dinosaur Fossil Ores, it is important to remember that different dinosaurs come from different geologic periods. Fossils from different geologic periods will be found at different depths. As such, the oldest period's fossils will be found deeper, and the earliest period's fossil will be found closer to the surface. Each period has a depth range for which fossils from that period can be found (see table). 

Plant Fossil Ores

Plant Fossil Ores are relatively simpler than Dinosaur fossil ores. They do not follow a distribution based on depth and are just found randomly at all depths. Plant Fossil Ore blocks occur haphazardly inside seams of Coal Ore. Like basic Fossil Ore, each block has a randomized texture. They can be mined with any tier of the Pickaxe, and are affected by Pickaxe enchantments.

When mined, they have the following chances of dropping things:

Plant Fossil: 35%

Coal: 25%

Twig Fossil: 15%

Flint: 15%

Cobblestone: 10% 

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