JC screenshot - Embryonics machine

Embryonics Machine

JC screenshot - Embryonics Machine recipe

Embryonics Machine crafting recipe

The next step in the process after the DNA Synthesizer is the Embryonics Machine. In order to use it, you will need a physical DNA sample, at least one Petri Dish, and at least one empty Syringe.

Once you have all of the necessary components and place them into the Embryonics Machine, you will get a syringe filled with the Embryo of the particular species in question.

If the species is a plant, you need to first combine a Petri Dish containing Agar with a source of plant cells. Obtain a syringe with plant cells by right-clicking on any plant with an empty syringe. Combine the two in a crafting grid to get a Petri Dish with Plant Cells. Place the Petri Dish with Plant Cells, an empty syringe, and the physical DNA sample of a plant, in the Embryonics Machine to get Plant Callus.

Right-click on Farmland with the Plant Callus to get your plant!

If the species is an egg-laying animal however, you'll need an Embryo Calcification Machine.

If the species is an animal that doesn't lay eggs, you'll need a Cultivator.