Mesozoic Carnivores Edit

Dilophosaurus (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Microraptor (Since 2.1.0) Edit

Tyrannosaurus (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Velociraptor (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Mesozoic Herbivores Edit

Brachiosaurus (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Gallimimus (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Mussaurus (Since 2.1.0) Edit

Parasaurolophus (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Triceratops (Since 2.0.0) Edit

Sea Creatures Edit

Coelacanth (Since 2.1.0) Edit


A pair of raptor with a freshly killed parasaurolophus


Two males and one female gallimimus sleeping,note the extinct plants.

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