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Once you're done Extracting a DNA sample onto a Storage Disc, you will most likely need to improve its quality. Only a 100% quality DNA sample can be made into a living organism, so before you can move on to the DNA Synthesizer, you will need a DNA Combinator-Hybridizer: This machine has two modes. Edit

Description (Combinator) Edit

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In Combinator mode, place two storage discs with incomplete DNA of one particular species into the machine, and they will be combined into one sample. Repeat until the sample is at 100% quality. Edit

Description (Hybridizer) Edit

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To create a hybrid, you will need 2 or more 100% DNAs. Currently, you can't make any hybrids. This was only available in version 1.12.2 (JurassiCraft 2.1 - Pre-Release), that added the Indominus Rex (which was then removed from all later versions). Maybe in the future it can be added again.

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