Cultivator Edit

Screenshot 72
  • 3 Iron Ingots
  • 1 Redstone Comparator
  • 4 (any) Stained Glass Pane

Description Edit

Arriving in update 2.1.0, the Cultivator is a specialized type of Incubator that is used for gestating creatures that don't lay eggs. Edit

Screenshot 73

The Cultivator comes in 16 different color variations, corresponding to the different types of stained glass in the game. Edit

The Cultivator has an input slot for water buckets(top left one), an input slot for DNA syringes(right one), and an input slot for food(top right one n Edit

ext to "nutrients"). In order to cultivate an embryo, you will first need to insert two water buckets, and sufficient nutrients (in the form of food). Different types of food give different nutrient values: For example, meat, eggs and fish are rich in lipids, while plant products such as carrots and wheat contain more minerals and vitamins. Edit

Screenshot 74

Next, set the temperature slider to decide the gender of the embryo (it works exactly like the Incubator). Finally, insert the DNA syringe (obtained from the Embryonics Machine) of a compatible species - such as that of a Coelacanth - and then wait for a few short minutes. Edit

Once the embryo has been grown, you will get a "gestated" creature. It resembles a juvenile of the species inside a little glass vat. Just like the Hatched Egg item, right-click on the ground with this item to spawn the baby animal! Edit

If it's a marine/aquatic animal species (e.g. Coelacanth), then you will instead right-click in the water to obtain the same result! Edit

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