Calamites sp. Edit

JC screenshot - Calamites

Calamites sp.

In-Game Information Edit

Height: About 10-30 blocks Edit

Found at: ? blocks deep Edit

Resource(s): Edit

  • Wood
  • Leaves
  • Saplings

Edibility of leaves: Edit

Risky (5% chance of a short Poison effect + 10% chance of a short Weakness effect if eaten) Edit

Real Life Description: Edit

Calamites were gigantic, 30 metre-tall horsetails that lived during the Carboniferous era (about 360-300 million years ago) all the way through the Permian and Triassic and into the Middle Jurassic (around 171 million years ago). They grew in the understories of rainforests and coal swamps, most famously in the shadow of the even larger "scale-trees" of the Carboniferous (such as Lepidodendron and Sigillaria). The genus Calamites contains 13 known species, suggesting they were highly successful plants. Edit

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