Bug Farming Crate

Bug-farming Crate in action. Note the cockroaches overflowing from it.

The Bug-farming Crate is a block that is used to mass-produce and dispense Bugs for insectivores.

In order to craft it, you will need 3 Iron Nuggets, 2 wood blocks of any type, 3 stone slabs (you can also use stone, quartz or brick slabs), and one chest.

Bug Farming Crate recipe

Bug-farming Crate crafting recipe

Once you've placed the block, right-click on it to bring up the GUI. Insert at least one bug item of any species, and up to 3 stacks of crop products (for example - though not limited to - wheat, seeds and/or carrots). There are also three output slots for new bugs that will gradually multiply over time, while using up the food you inserted. Different types of bugs breed more effectively using different types of food (for example, crickets do well with wheat, while cockroaches will eat just about anything).

Even if the three output slots are filled, the crate will continue to produce more bugs as long as there is enough food for it. Any excess bugs will be dispensed from the crate, overflowing into the surrounding environment. This means that the bug-farming crate can essentially be used as an automatic feeder, provided you have enough resources for it.

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