• RaptorAnimatronic

    I love this mod. Since it began, I loved it. The idea of a Jurassic Park mod was awesome! F/A at the time moved to accuracy, and we finally got Jurassic Park.

    Fast forward from 2015/2014 to 2018. Is it me or the mod feels dead, lifeless, inactive. Even though it is still active, I just get the feeling that it is approaching it's death. Many people are already saying it's dead. Even though that's not true, I still love this mod.

    I also encountered problems recently.

    1. Dinosaurs get stuck in water and sometimes land. They get stuck and never move, then they die.

    2. Some Herbivores as I inspect, dont eat natural occuring things like grass. Maybe they do.

    3. The Curseforge page has no comments?!?!

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  • The Kill factor 369

    I have a multi-specieies enclosure of all the herbivores in the mod. The Gallimimus seem to run over some plants and they get hurt as they run over them. All the plants in the enclosure are safe to be eaten by all herbivores and the Gallis are the only ones getting hurt.

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  • Issa2008


    can someone can explain me how to start a serveur with a map with activated Dinosor ?

    i have tried to start a map with my server, with 1.10.2 Minecrafact forge, but no dinosair seeing, we have to recreate all stuff ?


    can u have idea to start with dinosaure on the map directly please ?

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